Clarissa Sidhom - Graphic Design It all started September 11th, 2001- when the world changed forever and one little girl decided to pour herself into communicating truth and helping others. That night, a punchy little newspaper called The Midnight Moon was born- and I began passionately telling people about the things that matter most. I was the kid waking up early on Saturday morning excited to teach myself HTML- which probably didn’t help in the friends department, but definitely set my professional dreams in motion.

For many years I’ve been immersed in graphic design, web design/marketing, email newsletters, social media marketing, and basically the entire world of communication. I’ve lived and breathed it at every job I’ve worked at. I graduated first in my class from the University of Memphis while running a full time wedding photography business- so I know just how overwhelming it can be to manage everything with your business with excellence… without losing sight of why you’re following this crazy dream in the first place.

I thrive on efficiency and would love to help you with any design needs, big or small. Contact me today!